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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by joe4422, Oct 21, 2010.

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    Real time e mini signals by Joe.

    Guaranteed 180 points a day.
  2. joe4422


    Buying 1169.50, stop loss 1169, target 1185
  3. joe4422


    Target hit

    + 15.50 points
  4. Now THIS is a guru I can follow.

    Do you offer this service for payment with paypal?

    Thanks Bro!
  5. joe4422


    I'll post the pay pal button on here soon. Let me rack up some really awesome results soon. Next week I should make around 200 points.
  6. I know it wasn't posted, but I could tell that you are up almost 137.2755 points this week already.

    Keep us posted guru!

    And get that paypal info for us.

  7. 198 points with one more trading day in front of ya.

    Nicely done.
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    Please move to the Journals Section.
  9. joe4422


    I'm up far more than winborn and market exception put together. And I've only had to pay commission on one trade, and I haven't had to spend all day infront of a computer shitting my pants.
  10. joe4422


    Shorting 1188.75, stop loss 1190.25, target 1148. Will probably fill in the over night session.
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