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  1. I work at a Prop firm that has a satellite tv and cnbc is on a 3 second delay. Does anyone have any idea how i can get real time cnbc? We cant get cable in our building either. Is there any service i can call up to get CNBC real time? Or any other ideas people can think of? CNBC breaks some news, and would be great to trade it without a delay. thanks
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    cnbc==late news==bag holders
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    get the HD feed via cnbc+.
  4. Sir, correct me if I am wrong...but are you not the pro?...shouldn't the prop firm equip you with that?...seems weird you are asking us for that...please a professional dentist puttin a want ad out for an x-ray machine...hmmm
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    maybe streaming?
  6. the internet cnbc is very slow. The building we are in cant get cable. IM not saying i work at a great prop firm, but need ideas. cnbc breaks alot of things that move points, like NWS buying out DJ.
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    Subscribe to DJ News or Reuters or Bloomberg instead. Their "Breaking News" is what they are reading off these news feeds anyway. By the time the article is flagged, disseminated, rewritten so the talking heads don't screw it up, you could have read it yourself and already made your decision. Same holds true for the Bloomberg video feed. They are only reading what comes up on their news feeds.

    Besides, I don't know WHY you would want to listen to Ratigan with his pompous attitude, that Regan chick with her constant need to talk louder and over everyone else as if she has to prove something (and she does having once been a national reporter for cBS but was dumped, Cramer's whining or Maria's screeching, irritating voice.

    These media programs should NEVER be used as your source of info if you want to get a leg up on the guy next to you.
  8. they moved CNBC off analog completely here on Vancouver Island. Even if I wanted it, it would be delayed via ad/da conversions on digital cable.

    The reason CNBC can be good for news trades is the same reason MAs can work.
  9. 3 second delay?? By the time the news hits CNBC it is already out there for more than 3 seconds. It takes you more time to hear the news and register it before acting so how does taking away that 3 second delay help you?
  10. i have dj bloomberg and reuters. my point is that CNBC breaks news, david Faber and that chuck gasparino break news intra day. especially now they have many contacts in the banking industry and are the first to have a company deny rumors. 3 great examples i can think of recently are

    1)AIG 10/26 david faber say aig deny rumor (2 points)
    2)GRA 10/12 dylan radigan calls DOW and they deny rumor of interest in GRA (2 points)
    3)last week, CNBC says GS deny writedown rumor (4 points)

    So does anyone have any idea any services u can call to, to get cnbc real time with no delay?
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