real time charting of volitility

Discussion in 'Options' started by qwert, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. qwert


    is there a service that has real time charting of options volitility.? how about real time charting of geeks?

    how is option decay done duriing the day, is it every hour, by the minute- who knows?

    thanks be careful
  2. dmo


    The VIX is a well-thought-out, robust calculation that charts volatility for you. It is a weighted average of all options with a bid greater than zero. The CBOE keeps volatility indexes on a few other things as well. Other than that - as the saying goes - if you want it done right you'll have to do it yourself. A relatively easy way to do so is to get a set of Excel add-in functions such as Hoadley and set it up that way.

    The VIX uses minutes-to-expiration in its calculations. For me, days to expiration is good enough. Unless you're trading very close to expiration, I don't see how dividing the day into minutes makes a meaningful difference. All depends on what you're doing.
  3. I have a screen with the VIX and the S&P500 index on it and one with GE as well.

    and some options with the level 2 options.

    I am not sure there is a way to chart geeks though, I have not heard of geeks trading on the commodities market yet.
  4. dmo


    Yeah, I think they tried geek futures, but there were no bids.:)
  5. qwert


    thanks fr the replies, i do watch the vix, but it would be nice to see a real time volitily chart for a certain option, im sure the cheaters r using them.