Real Time CBOE Combined Equity/Index PC ratio - Free?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by jamesblue, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. I am looking for a CBOE put/call ratio for the the combined equity/index that is updated real time and streaming.

    Please don't bother mentioning E-signal, Tradestation or Sierra Charts, or any other 3rd party software for that matter.

    I need something free and real-time. I looked on Yahoo Finance/Google Finance and couldn't find anything.

    Maybe one of the options traders can tell me where I can find this?

    I am on the TDAmeritrade - Thinkorswim platform and these donkeys don't have one. Is it just me or is Thinkorswim getting more lame as you continue to use it and discover how many features it does not have?

    Thanks in advance and good trading!.

  2. It's possible it's just you. What features are missing that clearly should be included? Apparently the datafeed you want is hard to find, otherwise you wouldn't be posting.

    Have you looked at ToS's (relatively) new streaming historical data-replay functionality? I haven't seen anything as-good-or-better outside of professional software.
  3. Actually this is a real need, but you can get it on the market trend tab or by individual stock. Unfortunatly you don't get it in a chart which is lame. Sink or Swim is decent, but it doesn't have key things a Day Trader needs
  4. Which are?... Could you enlighten us?