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  1. I started this thread so that anyone who is interested in real-time alerts can post here. For disclosure I have a company that provides this technology. My personal feeling for obvious reasons is that real-time alert tools more so than back testing and scanning is the new frontier of direct market access. Market evolution has forced the need to have these tools.

    There are different ways to access real-time alerts. Some come bundled in direct access platforms like Cyber, RealTick, Redi Plus..etc. There are also stand alone products like Insight-Trading, First Alert, Tradeprofile, and of course my company Trade-Ideas.

    I encourage anyone interested to take a look at the different products and tell others what you think, becuase these tools to traders are like support gear for mountain climbers. Without them you can get seriously hurt. Hope to hear from any and all.
  2. Hmm.. isnt the next post supposed to ask.. what company do you own?


  3. I was messing around with it on friday. I will get more familiar with it next week and get back to you.

    First impressions are pretty good. It could use some cleaning up to make it more user friendly. I think it could alert me to some pretty good trade setups once I filter the things I really want to focus on. The actual alerts are easy on the eyes to read.

    Good luck.
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  5. I think Insight Trading has formula basd alerts that are compatible with eSignal
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    I am wathing the alerts at and have 4 filters running. Are there limits to number of windows I can open if I have a 4 monitor set up. Is there any speed degredation?
  7. In theory no, but I would not have more than 15 alert windows open on any one computer. If you let me know what you are trying to do I can be more specific. The amount of filters you have running should not make a difference

    Hope that helps
  8. We just upgraded the site to hopefully make it easier to navigate and highlight the tools better. New sample alert background. We also have had a lot of questions about the alert samples on the first page. During market hours those samples are real. They are just not filtered for a particular style. If you want to filter the alerts based on how you trade just click start on the firs page. Thanks for all the feedback.

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    I enjoy using this real-time alert product but can I filter versus a list? While I get great benefit out of your global streaming alerts, I heard that you also allow the end user to customize the stock universe as well. Is that true? Do I need to become a member. Is there any cost to becoming a member?

    Thanks for providing such a valuable tool.

  10. You can filter versus a list or a portfolio. If you run excel just copy and paste your symbols into our symbol list. You have to hae an account to access that feature. The service is free unitl Jan 2003.

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