Real-Time 5 Minute ES Calls ONLY for Hershey & Spydertrader Methods

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by charts, Nov 5, 2008.

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    This thread is intended ONLY for 5 minute ES market calls made by those trading or studying the Jack Hershey or Spydertrader methods. Calls should be posted ONLY inside a 5 to 10 minute window, with or without charts, blotters, etc..

    Please keep your comments directed ONLY to the validity or invalidity of those specific calls, or to strictly related technical aspects! Preferably, comments should be posted as soon as possible after the call, but not exclusively.

    My intention is to create a forum where we can validate the degree of correct price anticipation achieved at various levels of expertise. :) Please don't be shy, make good and bad calls, as frequently or infrequently as you like!

    I'll ask moderators to delete all off topic and irreverent posts.
  2. For example, had I known that the 15:05 to 16:00 time period yesterday was a completed traverse, then I also would have known that there was a completed sequence. Knowing that the day ended with a completed sequence and RTH opened with a gap down, I would have known that price was moving from pt 1 to pt 2. Knowing that would have helped me anticipate WMCN, which in turn would allow me the peace of mind of holding onto a sequence 1 pt 3 short because I would have known that there was still sequence 2 and 3 to follow...
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    I clicked on your links and I didn't understand which were your calls ... I suggest to make it simple ... e.g.
    ... surely you may mention the reason, post a chart, but that's not necessary
    ... then later, follow up on your call (quoting it) and briefly say what followed (spot on, early, late, error, ... whatever). If it's not clearly stated, it's almost useless to others... :)
    ... also posting smaller charts and snippets makes it easier for others to follow your train of thought
  4. easy 9 points today....:)
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    0958 ES 927 long
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    ... is this an entry ? ... long ? short ? what time ? :)

    EDIT: I know that you've shown blotters with nice results ... :) It'd be really nice to see some real-time calls ... They're so craved by so many lurkers ...
  7. short 927 at 1108am
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    1010 924 ... this is what happens when you read / post on ET while trading ... :)
  9. Live calls on fast market....:)
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