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    I have a new pc. Which files that I need to copy from my old real tick program to the new one?
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    I recently downloaded RT3 on a second computer at a place I vacation at......what I did was just download it from the realtick web site...then sent myself any saved pages that I had via e-mail.

    I use Terranova I hope this helps.
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    Just reinstall a fresh copy of Realtick on the new computer, then from the \PAGES folder copy over any custom .PAG files, from the \PARM folder copy over any custom .SLF minder lists, from the \FAVORITES sub-folders copy over any custom .RTW layouts (minders, charts, L2's, etc.). This won't get everything, but it will get most. You'll still need to go in and tweak some things here 'n there.
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    Your answer is just what doctor ordered:)
  5. Just got Realtick. What are the Emini S&P and Nasdaq Futures symbols? Thanks,
  6. Current e-mini symbols are:

    SP 500 /ESC2
    NDX /NQC2

    The month symbols for minis are:

    march C
    june I
    sept P
    dec T
  7. Why do they use those particular letters?

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    Sorry if I came late to the thread but here's what I do all the time to back up my Realtick files (which allows for safekeeping but also so I can work from another location I can just load that PC up).

    Locate your Townsend Analytics folder (or TAL), then backup the following folders (you may need to back up to a spot on the hard drive or a CD-RW since they are relatively large files):


    Then just copy them back into that directory writing over the ones there. Everything will be back the way you had it setup.
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    the lead month realtick symbols for the minis are: /esh2g and /nqh2g .
  10. Cool, thanks!
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