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  1. What is the most inexpensive way to get Real Tick data? If you dont get it from a broker. Does anyone have some experience in this area?


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    If you don't have an account at a RT broker and don't want an account at one, you can get it straight from $250 per month and well worth it.

    I pay for my RT in one day of IB commission savings.

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    if you don't need the brokerage service and some other services you can get realtick for less.

    pcquote 6.0 is realtick, same server, same data, same company, and features. check the service level and features
    you need, you may like the price.

    DO NOT USE ORBIT, it is a poor entry level to the realtick data [features are not good]. It is a response, imo, to eSignal. eSignal basic and Orbit have poor charting and tools. The data is very good, but unlike eSignal, ORBIT does not offer ways to have addons with powerful feature.

    At the moment I am using eSignal+Ensign and AIQ. GREAT ! although I would not recommend eSignal by itself.
    PCQuote is very decent too. I did use it to check it out [with my job I do try and use many of these providers]

  4. Thanks a lot both of you!

    What do you pay for, eSignal+Ensign? Does it have a scanner?

    Do you know anything about Stormtracker? If you use their software ($50/m)you can get Real Tick data from for 185-225/months. Now anything about that?

  5. Turok


    >if you don't need the brokerage service and
    >some other services you can get realtick
    >for less.


    The version of RealTick that you need to trade the Naz (with LVL2) is the same price ($250) here at PCQuote as it is direct from

  6. I believe that Real Tick doesn't give you a discount for signing up for a full year, PC Quote does. That would save several hundred bucks right there.. JIm
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    airspeed is right.
    Also, I do not need level II, that's a $100 saving

    anyway you can get realtick for less that's the point. but townsend analytics is not stupid, they try to make sure their products do not compete with each other [too much]. I think S&P comstocks is also realtick, but I could be mistaken.

  8. Tutneo,
    Thanks for the info on PC Quotes. I'm using Realtick for now and if there is a less expensive alternative, it is nice to know. Jim