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  1. I currently use realtick as my charting software. I want to start using a scanner which I can customize to my criteria but is compatible with Real Tick. I don't want to use the canned scanners like the Oz Scan. I want it too look for big bids and offers stepping up and down in NY stocks. I also want to be able to program if to look for things like stocks trading above 5 period MA averages, trendline breaks, and other things like that. Please let me know of any good recommendations. I also want it to be able to look at these patterns within a selected group of stocks that I have chosen as my list.

    I have heard of Sortwizard and Stormchaser but nothing else. I heard Neovest is pretty good for what I wanted but it is expensive and is not compatible with Real Tick. Since I don't have to pay for RealTick where I at I would prefer a scanner for that since I don't know yet how much I am going to use it.
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    Check out a new item called AlertScanner, developed by TraderProfile. It works on top of RealTick, A-T or RediPlus and gives the kinds of alerts your looking for.
  3. Looks like it only works with AT and Redi?? Not RT.
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  5. Have you used this scanner before or do you just know of it? Any ideas on its reliability of alerts?

    Has anybody used sortwizard for scans?
  6. corn,

    I've been looking for similar stuff. There really isn't much out there that is cheap! I heard erlangerquote is suppose to be good, but I have yet to use it. PM if you find anything you like!
  7. Your right there does not seem to be much out there right now that I have heard of. FirstAlert seems to have most everything I want, but I have been told it is slow, unreliable, and expensive. Also since I already get realtick for free, so it would kind of suck to have to pay for another charting package in addition to a scanner.
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    nitro - not exactly what you want, but maybe worth a look. The other neat thing is that they have a really painless trial...

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    I am considering using the TA_SRV with Wealth-Lab. Is the realtick "scanner" part of this?

    Also, does anyone know if FA or RT scan the entire market for the condition, or only the symbols you give it?

    I have never used FA - I am surprised that it is slow, as my understanding is that it runs on top of Hyperfeed - which I have heard very good things about...

  10. What I have been told about First Alert is that it is fairly expensive per month, it takes up a lot of memory so unless you have a fast computer it is kind of clunky, and the scans are only done every like 30 seconds. So if you had a scan for large bids and offers, you could possible be getting the alert 30 seconds late. It looks like it has a lot of cool features though. The reviews in the softwares section did not look that great either.

    From what I read you can use the scans to search for the entire market of for a stock list that you have come up with or for stocks that just fit the parameters you want like volume and average daily range. I don't know anything about wealth-lab.
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