Real-Tick III rip off

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by TickRader, Dec 23, 2001.

  1. I found a software that looks just like realtick. I think it's rip off verison. It's call speedtrader iq the link is

    Any know if it's real tick's software or just a rip off.

  2. What does it matter..........I dont think it looks like realtick............
    But to me Townsend has the best........I dislike PCquote as a realtick provider ............I found thier quick quote, charts & minders to have 3 diff readings.........if anything Work with townsend #1 !!!!!!!!

    I am not promoting them as I use tradestation also & love it equally for my own reasons............. BUT for the realtick program they are the one to use.
  3. mjt


    The software is InstaQuote. It looks like SpeedTrader is an authorized reseller of that software, which they also offer as a trading platform for their brokerage customers. It's not their proprietary software; a few other firms use that platform as well. But yeah, they made it look an awful lot like Real Tick.
  4. i think tal trading is hard to beat when you go for quote quality and speed. that is probably why their fees are so high. i would not trust in cheap "clones".
  5. Is it worth giving a try. The cost is less.

  6. Get what ya pay realtick isnt expensive 200 +- a mo