Real Tick & Extended Hours Charting

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by mjt, Jun 15, 2001.

  1. mjt


    Up until a few days ago I was using 'trades' for my data period in order to get extended hours charting, and it was working fine. Now it's cutting off after the regular session. I am checking on 'show irregular trades'. I know that time&sales also works, but the charts are funky.

    Does anyone have a secret to getting decent extended hours charting with Real Tick?
  2. Lancer


    Sorry mjt, I've never found a satisfactory solution. RealTick is just not a pre/post platform at this time. In addition to charts, in pre/post most everything else loses regular-session functionality as well. Until RealTick is improved, my solution is to use eSignal for pre/post charts and minders. eSignal transitions seamlessly from pre-market, to regular session, to post-market with no function loss or page configuration changes needed. For my trading in pre/post, RealTick is really only good for order-entry, news, and charting e-minis.
  3. mjt


    Does anyone know how to change the default date in the chart setup? I can no longer get after hours charting the way I want it because the date for some reason is automatically set to the next day. Today (6/26) my date says 6/27. I'm getting a blank chart, and I can only get the chart I want if I manually change the date in all my charts, which I'm not planning on doing every day.

    All I want is for the chart to default to today's date, not tomorrow's.
  4. Babak


    in the F4 menu change the settings to whatever you want
    then go to 'window' from pull down menu and choose 'save defaults'