REAL systems brokers (for stocks)

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by andrasnm, May 2, 2003.

  1. anyone has a brief compiled list of true system brokers for futures?
    Also it would be nice to have a competing list of stock brokers that allow systems (IB I know does that. as well as TS 7...)
    that allow custom systems to execute (or watch & set-up such systems while monitoring them)

    After my renewed effort to build a robust system I realized the truth in the follies of commercial systems versus the one you build.
    The trick is portfolio and money management....
    Now I need semi automated platforms to execute strategies.
    (I know I can just call my trades in but....)
    I know many futures brokers have these setups but what stock firm can offer the same? (beside IB, TS7??)
  2. Advanced Futures has some sort of program that ties into Tradestation (and maybe Wealthlab?)...I use TS, but spoke to someone at advanced Futures...basically, as I understand it...your TS writes to a text file, and when that text file changes, the Advanced Platform senses it and make the trade for you....

    Good luck,