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    Who are the real swing traders (guys that actually do this for a living) that honestly teach or publish a letter that teaches?

    I don't mean guys that just publish magic picks for you to trade blindly - I mean actual traders who share and teach.
  2. When the Student Is Ready, the Teacher Will Appear
  3. I doubt that. I have been ready to learn how to play the piano, to study quantum physics, to learn how to trade, to learn how to trade profitably, to learn how to program computers etc. etc. and never has a teacher appeared, I had to teach myself.
  4. (When the Student Is Ready, the Teacher Will Appear)

    Boy, that's helpfull

    If you want to learn about swingtrading, it doesnt hurt to learn good TA. is a respected site for that. A basic book like "The Visual Investor" by John Murphy will give you a good start.

    TC2000 will give you decent scans, and you can custom pick what you are looking for.

    Nothing I've mentioned above costs a lot, nor is any of
    it contoversial.

    Whatever you do, you need to learn about money management, where to place stops, trailing stops, determining maximum position size.

    It's not easy, but it's not impossible either.

    It does seem like people in your position attract two types of individuals: sharks wanting several thousand for some seminar, and trols who love to scold you that "theirs no holy grail" and dump on you with their negativity. Steer clear of both.

    Start small, cut losers and let the winners run with trailing stops. A lot easier said than done, but if you refuse to let any losses grow out of control, at least you wont blow up.
  5. Gary B Smith on is someone who fits that description possibly. I have recently subscribed to his service, which seems to do what you are asking.

    I recently put out a post asking for feedback from others.

    I hesitated to give a recomendation, since I am recently trying it myself (although I did pay for two months subscription with 2 trades Friday, my first day on $8000 capital - typical? probably not but time will tell). But it has a two week trial, after that 99/month. At least you can try it without plunking down a lot of your capital, and none of the feedback I have received seems negative. He also seems to be a lot more clear as compared to guys like Alan Farley
  6. When the Student Is Ready, the Teacher Will Appear
    In my personal experience I have found successful people very helpful. I have learned from various traders. I wrote to one of the most successful investor and he replied to my queries and his list of books he recommended.
    I have had long interaction with traders on TCnet who have gone out of the way to help and share their techniques. Many of the members on ET have helped me.
  7. Be cautious about signifigant overnight positions untill this Iraq thing is over too...
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    If you're willing to pay something, look up Teresa Lo at