Real Reason for Anti-Semitism

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  1. Dear Traders,

    I hope I dont get into a touchy topic, as you all aware I am not a member of the Abrahamic faiths, [Islam, Christianity, Judaism].

    One thing I have noticed here in my area, is there is quite a number of anti-jewish statements that I hear in everyday lingo. A kid on the bus went to his friend and said the following 'That guy jewed me out of $40 dollars' or a grown up man, maybe in his late 50s last year at the Mcdonalds, said to the teller, 'Ma'm your jewing me.. where's my 25 cents'.

    In all honesty, I was able to work with on a daily basis, a number of individuals of the Jewish faith, and I found them to be of the highest calibre, its funny to say, but in the judicial system, I would state that 90% of the Judges must be of the Jewish faith, but yet they represent only 1% of the population. In my opinion, that's a testament to the Jewish faith and how the Torah builds strong minded, decent men.

    Awaiting your responses, note this was just a question on why there is anti-semitism, and the causes for it. I totally believe that all religions all lead to the Same God, and that God is one.

    Kind Regards,
  2. Weirdly most of those who use the term "jewing" in turn worship a God (or at least his Son) who's a Jew himself. Big term on the "streets" of Chicago. Tom Wolfe wrote in Bonfires about N's using the derogatory term Goldberg 20 years ago.

    I've Jewed for years. No different than describing a sleeveless shirt as a "dago T" or calling one of you guy's a towel head. :)

    Once though I was driving a good friend of mine-a Jewish school teacher-to the mall and inadvertently said "there's a shop there where you can really Jew them down on price." She freaked out on me. Ever since I've tried to be a bit more discriminate in public.
  3. when i was a kid, polish jokes were total open season. i really didnt tell them myself, because they seems kind of cheap, and besides i never knew anyone who was polish (at least that I knew of)

    I'm german/Irish, do i get offended everyone uses 'Nazi' as an insult? No, but then my ancestors were in the USA before the civil war (in the North, so I'm not guilty of slavery either)

    The church my Irish Catholic grandmother was married in had been burned down by the klan 30 year prior. Guess that's what happens when your county's short on blacks

    Did my ancestors nurse hurt and grudges about getting their church burned down by the klan? No, they got over it. It was relayed to me as a historical detail (1901), but that's it. No real emotion. Nobody 'owed' us anything over it, but then self sufficiency and self respect is part of that culture

    Wish others could follow that example
  4. Good luck with this one. To you the question may seem simple but I doubt that anyone on this planet can answer it convincingly.
  5. I do believe those terms are racist and should not be used.

    It's worth nothing that the definition of "anti-semitism" has narrowed considerably these days to include anyone who dares stand up to Israel's brutal policies or its politicians in America - such as: Pelosi, and Hitlery (who is poised to be Israel's next president in America).

    (And don't even think of asking to audit the electronic voting machines, that ain't gonna happen!!)