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  1. I'm an experienced trader with a good track record.

    I've been to firms and so far they promise the world but as soon as you go slightly in the hole they freak out in the sense of cutting down share size, max loss, etc.

    I'm wondering if anyone knows of any real propfirms that actually back traders with good track records and have enough backing that they don't panic at the first sign of being in the RED and on the flip side let you push yourself when you're on a roll.

    Any answers much appreciated..... If you happen to work at or own one of these firms feel free to either respond or message me.

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    I've been working at Wtsprop for the past 3 months. I think the guys here are pretty solid. 0.2/1000 comm.
  3. I thought WTS doesn't back experienced guys?
  4. thats pretty cheap, what platform do you use?
  5. Also, WTS has a structure where they charge .0009 pershare or 90cents/thou
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    I don't get charged the 0.9/1000.. maybe because i started as a new trader with them? I didn't put up my own stake and they started me on a very short leash before upping me. I honestly wouldn't know what it's like for a pro coming in, but that's what it is for me.
  7. what percent of profits do you get and what platform are u using? those rates are way too cheap
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    Sterling and/or Lightspeed
  9. nothing to do with pro or not.... there standard deal is .0009 for money up and 50/50 split and 2 tenths for new guys..... Is it still 1500 for the training? I actually recommended it to a few friends, how is it there?
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    50/50; 60/40 if you earn over 10k/month net
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