"Real Prop", "Secured Prop" etc

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    Where can I find definitions of these? I'm not really sure what the difference between them are (The terms are flung around loosely in threads)

    Any good books to read on the subject?
  2. yeah, soon to be published....
  3. Ther definitions I have deduced from my career, and the last few months here reading posts is as follows. Real prop, the firm hires you to trade their capital, 100%. As such, they set up the terms in such a way that they are likely to make money from your trading in some fashion, and keep you long enough to make it worth the risk. Secured prop, you put up money, thats the risk capital. The firm makes money from the cut of your commission and different fees. In this setup, generally you get a 100% payout, but the firm has little proactive involvement with your trading. Each setup has pros and cons depending on where you are in your career.
  4. pretty good response...

    so, what's your point :D
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    Thanks for the summary GetWhatUDeserve... me wishes other people didnt beat around the bush so much :p
  6. That sounds very to the point and accurate!
  7. Does anybody have or know of any books that clearly define the difference between mastrubation and self mutilation?

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  8. What is the difference between starting and running a business vs. getting a job? Nothing more, nothing less. All of us choose one or the other, and a few of us choose both.