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    I was reading some other threads in this forum about real prop firms, which give you capital to trade and take around half your profits. How can I find these firms? The only prop firms I've found so far are the kind that take your deposit and let you trade it with huge leverage. Also, how hard is it to get a position at these firms? Will they take someone with potential or are they looking more for proven traders who just want to scale up? Thanks for any help I can get.
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    Thanks for the list, most of them seem to be the kind that just give you leverage on a deposit but I'll go through all of them.
  4. There's a couple of good ones on that list, but they aren't going to take just any yahoo unless you got the academic prerequisites or proven experience.
  5. Hi guys... please do some research in the prop forum and you will find some valuable information.

    Try to skim over threads and find the longer responses. Also find the ones with the most views.

    Good luck
  6. Not true... I'm an example. 3.1 GPA from regular private liberal arts school and I trade with zero financial risk and get a small salary.

    Go through the prop forum thoroughly and you will find valuable information.
  7. I hear Tower Hill Trading is a friendly place to trade.
  8. I was talking about firms like Jane Street. Probably not in the same league as what you're referring to.
  9. The question I have is: is there really a difference? If you think about it they are not so different.While true prop firms don't require capital they typically hold back a percentage of gross profits in a seperate account to ensure you don't do something irresponsible with your capital. Often the limits are far above what you would deposit at a prop firm. For that increased deposit you get much less margin and BP as a result. I'll acknowledge that commissions are considerably lower but when you work out the different between profit splits i.e. 70/30 vs 50/50 it more than mkes up for the difference.

    Perhaps the difference really comes down to losses. When your capital is gone at these arcades so are you. A true proprietary desk expects of months i imagine. Also as many don't have the ability to self fud the $25k and 6 months living expenses the 50/50 with no capital is a better path.

    any one else have thoughts? Perhaps I am mising something else?
  10. Hows GP/THT doing these days doyle? still printing money?
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