real or paper trader?

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Are most on ET taking cradit for fictitious calls like landis?

  1. Yes, too many fantasy trades as landis made

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  2. No, most trades in the "trading" section are real

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    landis claims credit for a trading "call". I ask him/her for the link to the post of entry. No reply from landis.

    This is exactly why ET has become no better than a Yahoo message board. Landis, like most others, taking credit for fictitious "calls", all after the fact.

    Shame on them!
  2. real or paper trader?
  3. Ranks right on up there with a schizo mpd wanna be 14 figure hedgefund trader who shorted at 1150, 1200, 1240, 1300, 1410 with no stop before the run to 1576.
  4. I would have voted yes in your poll if Landis' name was not in it.
  5. :D
  6. I find Landis to be believable. If he was not believable on one particular trade that wouldn't greatly alter my opinion of him. I just believe the poll should have been generic with no specifics.
  7. Understood.

    My first post outlines a "call" that landis took credit for in the "trading" section of ET, yet has not provided a link to the actual beginning or entry of the trade.

    Can you produce a link to the entry in this trade?

    And if not, why shouldn't landis be included as a fantasy trader?
  8. OK, it is understood that you would have voted "yes" if not for the language in the question. So who are these other paper traders that you are referring to?

    All members are welcome to answer.
  9. Jackstone is a very obvious paper trader.
  10. Take this shit offline. If you want to know if Landis (or anyone else) trades with real money, send him/her a private message and ask. What does it matter, anyway? Is it going to make you a better trader if you find out that Landis uses a paper trading account?
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