Real Money--what's going on there?

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  1. My subscription to RM is up for renewal. It's the only sub site I have, having dropped Todd Harrison's site last year. Frankly, I don't get much value from RM. Cramer is entertaining, but he repeats his posts verbatim on his TV show. At least he's not screaming in print. The only guy I really like is Jeff Cooper. If he went, I would not reup. Chris Edmonds is useful at times, and Rev Shark is solid. Marc Chandler and Howard Simons are also interesting.

    The problem is that there are blogs that pretty much duplicate everything there, only they are free. I will be surprised if RM makes it through another year actually. They are not doing well and just this week announced they are shuttering their independent research business. Like that was ever going to fly. Sheesh, you gotta wonder who makes these decisions in the first place. News stories say RM is desperately trying to sell itself, but buyers are few and far between.
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    Rev Shark alone worth more the cost. I use his comment to trade future.

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    Yeah, Alan Farley is pretty good, and that Schumacker guy can be good. Fitzpatrick is OK sometimes. Willard can be good. Rev is very good, and his other services are VERY expensive. It's a pretty cheap service, and you can even make money buying Cramer's picks that he says on the site and his radio and selling afterhours/open next day sometimes:p .

    I'm happy with my subscription.