Real money useless.

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  1. Real money is useless. they are always all over the map. today is an example. these stories were all published at the same time today:

    Cramer is always bullish. buy buy buy.

    Adam Oliensis
    Market Builds the Wall of Worry
    Expect more S&P upside. Two bullish VIX divergences bode well, too. More

    Michael Comeau
    Why Stocks Won't Fall
    The party will end, but sounding 'last call' now seems premature. More

    Jack Steiman
    This Rising Wedge Is Sending a Caution Flag
    The pattern on the Dow 60-minute chart should give some near-term pause. More

    Doug Kass
    Why Stocks Will Fall
    We'll see a regression to the norm -- and that's cold reality for a see-no-evil market. More
  2. Hey, that way they're never really wrong and will always be able to show you a story to say they told you so even before the move!:D
  3. LT701


    their MO is and has always been, to have contradicting viewpoints every day, then cherry pick what column 'won' and say 'if you'd only read this column....'

    omision of losing advice is pretty much the 'paid advice' con game for all vendors

  4. Can't they classify Doug Kass as a permabear? Like that other guy that comes on cnbc, doug Tice or something.
  5. What do you expect from David Tice? He runs a bear fund.
  6. RM has two guys worth reading now, Chris Edmunds and Howard Simons. Jeff Cooper was flaky but a terrific technical analyst. He's gone. Rev Shark is ok too.
  7. gaj


    well, alan farley knows what he's talking about as well.

    and are vadym/chris still there? although what they do doesn't translate well to the real money crowd.

    cooper's done a tremendous amount of good published research from the technical end, though idon't know how anyone can make money off his gann/astrology angle. before that, though, i had him as top-notch...
  8. That CodyWillard is a mook.
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    Maybe he will bring in Mohan, now that is a pair of Mooks!

    el surdo