Real money blogs are censored.

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    real money has a new blog on their website. you are encouraged to post comments on what the commentators say. i posted a negitive comment about some of cramers calls in a nice way and they censored it. it looks like only people who praise cramer are allowed to post. what cowards.
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    I just posted a question regarding this there and it immediately appeared, it seems automated. When do they censor? What did you say?
  3. about 2 hours ago i simply said in reference to the google article where cramer is saying people should have been selling.

    " the last time i heard jim reference goog on his tv show a caller asked if it was too late to buy. jim told him he could ride it to $500. now jim is saying people should have sold. lets be consistant here."

    goog was trading about 460 at the time of that call.
  4. i will try again later. i still remember the last time cramer had a message board on real money. cramer was trashed so bad they had to discontinue the board. i am sure they have protection this time.
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    Cramer's recommendations and commentary are like a stock chart obscured by spaghetti type layers of multi-colored indicators all over the place.
    There are so many, pointed in so many different directions, someone can always point to one and say "see, it was right!".

    If they do indeed censor it certainly hurts their credibility in my opinion. I'm interested to know.. but on the other hand the last thing I need is another website to read through. Information overload!
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    I suppose its hip now to have a blog - so Cramer wants one. But since when is a blog behind a subscription firewall?

    In any case, Cramer hates being held accountable. He just wants to rant and rave and move on to his next rant and rave. He's way too busy to go back and revisit what he said, when he said it and how it worked out.

    Booya, indeed.

    p.s. why dont' they change their name to Look at their page right now, you've got a column heading (first from left) "JIM CRAMER", then you've got the next heading "BLOGS" with the first menu choice, "Cramer's Blog". Then you've got a snippet of a "Blog" column with Cramer's face (Daily Booyah's) titled...The Only Way to Beat Sell-Off Blues... Then there is Jim Cramer's "Wrap Up" with another picture of Cramer (in case you forgot what he looks like - I guess)... And finally off to the right corner an ad for Cramer Radio saying "SHRUG OFF THE SELLOFF" with yet another pic of Cramer - looking pensive this time...nevermind the gazillion of vapid articles in the main sections below by Cramer.
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    The new blog format over there is a big step backwards for them in my opinion. The few good writings are lost in a cluttered mess, and how much in-your-face Cramer do they need?
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    I was thinking the same thing. What a mess...

    They must have had the same guy as the one at CNBC do the site changes!
  9. I am repulsed and nauseated by Crameritis.
  10. it's sad to see Cramer reduced from running Cramer Berkowitz to screaming at the top of his lungs on TV and using sound effect buttons......:eek:
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