Real Medicare Reform

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  2. the tea party in a nutshell:

    "Don't you let the government get a hold of my Medicare!" It was meant to be a funny anecdote: Medicare, which provides health coverage to the elderly and disabled, is of course a huge government program. "

    premium support schemes are attempts of lowering costs through rationing. ie. if people cant afford medical care they wont use as much of it.
    why would you want to introduce the very thing that is wrong with health care in america,insurance companies,to medicare?
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    Tell us why you're here again? I forgot.
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    Let's try this again.

    Serious straight forward question, if you have the balls to be honest about it.

    Would you spend as much time in the P&R section, as you spend on ET, on a website(s) devoted to
    a)gay men
    b)lesbians or

    if not to any one or all, why not?
  7. yet another post from the troll lucrum that has nothing to do with politics or religion
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