Real Man's computer room

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by LEAPup, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. LEAPup


    Gotta love this one!:)
  2. That's one serious, aggressive trader, LOL. You better hope he doesn't find out you're on the other side of his trade when he loses, hehe.
  3. Looks like the room of a guy who doesn't get laid much.
  4. Yahoo?
  5. That's the new SEC Enforcement division operations room.
  6. What's that on the extreme right, a 50 cal. Machine gun?
  7. Atleast your covered if anyone tries to break in
  8. Eight


    hee hee, you think that the smell of gun oil doesn't excite women do you?
  9. Eddiefl


    A trader that is ready when the Zombies attack

    #10     Jun 29, 2011