Real Love Comin' Our Way?

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  1. Many Republicans believe this to be so. Still others of the same political leaning, believe that “puberty” spoils any kind of emotional connection.

    Normal people however, believe both intellectually and emotionally, that “true love” (as in sexuality) can only be had between emotionally mature adults.
  2. If I had a 13 year old daughter and some guy came after her - all I know is he'd see a little "frontier justice".
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    When the heat was on Roman Polanski for doing a teenager he split to Italy... they like that stuff apparently
  4. Thailand is another one...
  5. Real love?

    However love is rationalized, it is destined to fail. As the girl grows older she will realize "what you stole" from her (her youth) and resentment is born.

    She'll lose respect for you and whatever the relationship held because YOU should have known better but you used her.

    Reasonable men know this, for others, we have laws.
  6. Quick.. Someone send this link to R.Kelly... Maybe he'll mover there.
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    Probably true,Nutmeg.

    However as far as marriage of young teens is concerned;
    it worked real well in Israel, where the parents arranged teen mariages.And it was/is considered a life commitment/covenant:cool:

    Most teens simply dont have the maturity to marry:cool:
  8. that is almost every women's attitude, whether they are a teen or in their 30's

  9. I thought adult women always remember their "first" don't they? I can understand why a teen would have resentment but why would a consenting adult have resentment towards the guy that took her virginity?
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