Real Leadership McCain: 64 Million waiting to watch a DEBATE and you PLAY POLITICS

Discussion in 'Politics' started by iceman1, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. McCain has now lost any respect which I had gained for him over the years!

    This guy should not be President.

    I don't think he has the skill or judgment needed and he is showing himself to not be a "change" candidate but just more of the same atwater/rove BULLSHIT..... featuring form over substance! The same superificial BS that landed us George "horse's-ass" Bush !

    I'd rather roll dice with Obama and his intellect and passion than place any bet on McCain's ability to change the paradigm from the Bush era of disgrace!
  2. Well now... the karl rove ass-kisser has decided that since this is one of the most important elections in years.... and more importantly that this will lose him more respect and votes if he's a no-show... he will fly his private jet down to Old Miss and participate in a debate for the Presidency! Oh well.

    Gee Johnnie nice of you to show up... you phony burn-out washington politician who can't help playing politics with something as sacred as this debate!!.