Real Intra-Day Trading Questions

Discussion in 'Trading' started by diligentia, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. i play and i play and i keep banging my head against the same questions.. someone please toss me a bone here.

    my method consists of scaling in to intraday trends. i seem to be managing risk rather well. what i cant wrap my head around is...

    after im into a position and its profitable... how do i balance between taking shorter term profits and/or scaling in to the position.

    it goes good, then it retraces as i anticipate... all is well, untill it retraces past my entry and i get stopped out wishing that i had taking profits when i had the chance.

    although the idea is that by riding out the retracements ill eventually be in a position as to where i can get leveraged up and make up for all the small losses...

    so which is it? and is there any balance?

    please help!:confused: