Real Inflation Rate vs. fake lies CPI

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  1. I'm willing to bet that the real inflation rate has soared to around 10% per annum in recent years. A far cry from the doctored CPI rate released by the government of 3.4%.

    Anyone with documented proof on the subject?
  2. Mayo


    the cpi overstates real inflation rates not understates it..
  3. what planet are you on?
  4. Mayo


    same planet as you

    CPI fails to factor in the changes of short term consumer trends...

    say for example an increase in the consumption of cheaper substitute goods in the face of growing inflation, or the reduction of certain goods in the basket used in the cpi calculation..
  5. excellent post alchemist................. the only thing i disagree with is he is a bit more optimistic than i am.

    what scares me the most is the house of cards is waiting to fall..... makes me think they will try and pin it on another "arab false flag."
  6. ok.. so now you are not talking constants.... he addressed this and called it "cost or survival", bottomline it is manipulation. but as he points out real CPI is 8%.
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    if not higher.
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