Real good trading VS financial trading ???

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  1. Hello,

    sorry moderators, if this is the wrong forum section, but i found nothing better for this question, than "trading" in general.

    My question, what i have thought about a lot of times.

    Lets say you have analysed a new Setup to trade on copper for an upmove for about 2-3 months, you know price will rise extremely.

    So now my question, would it be more profitable, (than do the trade as usual in the financial markets),....

    ... to go to a place in the world, where copper have current the cheapest price, and buy there a good bunch of it......
    then ship it to Europe or US, wherever the price would be higher............ wait for the 2 month until you financial trade would be over and you have the highest price ............ and sell the copper than. .............. Could you make a lot more money with this real trade ???

    Perhaps, thats the only way to get a really cheap price on the product for buying. and for selling, real good prices must rise similar with the exchanges prices, so you could sell for the highest price.

    for example,
    you could go to India, buy for $2M copper, ship it to Amsterdam, and sell it after the 2-3months. maybe so you could sell it $6M.
    and make a profit of $4M.

    while on the financial markets, with the $2M you could just make about 500k - 1M$ profit in that 2-3month, while using the whole $2M for that trade.

    What do you think, could it be really much more profitable ???
    could this be the only way to get really cheap prices, much much cheaper than on the exchanges ????
    Including all the costs for shiping, export and import taxes, would it still be more profitable ???

    Just a question.

  2. Is here any economist or international business person ???

    You could maybe give me an advice.

    Come on, i dont bite:) :) .....


    Thank you anyway,

    Best Regards


  3. newwurldmn


    If you know someone who will buy it from you. And you know someone who will sell it to you. And you know a shipper who will ship it for you. And if you know the legalities of doing business in India, Amsterdam and international export/import laws you will probably do better doing the physical shipment. But those aren't trivial barriers to entry.

    The people I know who have made the most money in their lives (millions and millions of dollars) do stuff like that. But they then become real businesses where they build infrastructure (of employs, legal structures, etc) and do it for their entire lives. Not just one trade.
  4. yeah, thank you.

    that could be really exciting. much more than online trading.

    I am still very young, i could do it.

    very cool ............... real goods.........original trading............

    very cool .........

    any other opinions ??
  5. Go to the Moon!
  6. I bet you'll find it's a lot more exciting than sitting in front of a computer screen watching the markets day in and day out. Good luck!
  7. SNAKY, man i missed you.

  8. Yeah,i mean don't tell him that the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon.

    OP- so you HATEthe risk huh? Leaving aside the fact that you're considering leaving the holy church- a place where you can conjure up money out of thin air just by clicking a mouse,while producing nothing of value whatsoever,What's the point?
    You seem to believe that it will be 'exciting' Is that your motivation? Obviously you don't need the money since your post implies that you already have several million to start your new venture- or has that detail been sidelined for now while you mentally masturbate away the best part of you life in fantasy land?
    Meanwhile,i bet if i check the price of steel at my local suppliers in 3 months time it wont be much different to what it is now.And from what i remember in doing business,people won't exactly fall over themselves to make you money.Not unless you can bring something to the table.
    So far,all you'll be bringing is a bunch of incorrectly priced steel- albeit with a sense of excitement..hmm
  9. LOL. I am living on fantasy island since i was born, thats nothing new, i just need some more atractions to enjoy the island.

    I never liked the church.
    Money isnt all. Actually it is nothing, it cant give you satisfaction, yeah maybe for you, but not for me. not at all.

    you could trade everything, no need for only trade metals.
    its just an idea, by using the analysis of the finacial markets as basis for this whole action.

    Sitting every day in front of the computers, really sucks, dosnt matter where i live.

    I really dont want to do this forever, that really sucks.
    But i love to trade in generall.

    i dont know. Maybe i stop it all one day, do someting totally different. I always wanted to be a humanitarian worker.
  10. Dont forget, if after 2 or 3 months and demand for copper suddenly drops, you are stuck with 2 million dollars of copper (which i guess is about 250 metric tons or a little more than 4 large tractor trailors can hold) Might be hard to get rid of that copper and if you bought it on credit, the interest is eating you alive, not to mention storage costs. Also, I dont think you are going to double your money trading physical copper. Anyone buying in such large amounts are paying not too far from spot.
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