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  1. I'll start to post revelations in Forex trader in this thread. There will be basically three (3) types of trades in this Journal: Day Trades, Swing Trades and Position Trades. Day Trades run for up to 24 hrs and start each day at 7:00pm Eastern. Swing Trades run for up to 120 hrs and start each Week on the first trading day of the week. Position Trades run for up to 480 hrs and start each Month on the first trading day of the month. This is fairly simply to follow and understand. All trades typically close within their stated time-frames, however – there are times when I might carry a trade beyond its stated time-frame for a multitude or reasons. I will give notice when such a carry trade is necessary, beyond its normative time-frame.

    Each trade profile will be updated daily and Day Trade profiles will be updated “when I have time” to do so. The signal source for these trades is a proprietary technological creation and not for sale in any shape or form. The purpose of this thread will be revealed upon completion. I will only post a certain number of trades on this forum. The reason for this will become apparent after the “revelation”. I won’t be able to discuss the revelation until after these trades have been demonstrated – but there is a definite purpose for posting these trades on this forum, rest assured.

    Note: because each Position Trade is entered on the first trading day of every month, this current month’s Position Trade is showing as “Closed”. The next Position Trade profile won’t be apart of the master profile until the first of April. However, there are remaining Day Trade and Swing Trade profiles left for the month of March and those will the one’s I start with.
  2. Observations and Trade Profile Updates:


    24hrs - From 3/19/06 to 3/20/06:

    First Day Trade

    Entry 2176
    Limit 2134
    Stop 2216

    24hrs - From 3/19/06 to 3/20/06:

    Second Day Trade


    120hrs – From 3/19/06 to 3/24/06:


    Entry 2176
    Limit 1977
    Stop 2251

    480hrs – From 3/1/06 to 3/30/06:


    Entry 1931
    Limit 2379
    Stop 1856
    Closed (already closed for 254 pips at 2185)
  3. First Day Trade 3/19/06 to 3/20/06 Notes:

    There is a high draw-down probability up to 2194 that is possible before this trade gets underway. So, I'm expecting at the very least, some hesitation (short-term volatility on the smaller bars such as 10 and 15 minute) before the move.

    Had I missed my entry point a 2176, this high probability draw-down "possibility" would have provided me with several new entry positions into the short trade.
  4. Your not going to double your money or anything like that are you?

  5. I've already done that many times over.

    I better question would have been: "exactly how long did it take you to double your money the first time, second time, third time, fourth time, fifth time, etc., etc., etc., and how on earth did you do it?"

    We don't all trade at the same level or with the same information at our disposal. Some of us just seem to have been born for this stuff. I can't imagine doing anything else as my primary source of revenue.

    I love this business and you have to, I think, in order to make it seem simpler than it really is.

    BTW - do you have a Forex Trade Journal of your own?
  6. traderob


    Exciting stuff. Will the revelation will include info. on where lesser beings can access such priceless wisdom (for a small fee).

  7. Ok.

    With over 8,000+ posts I thought you might have been trading the Forex, or some other financial market for quite a long time. 8,000+ posts is a lot on any board and I would expect someone with that many posts to have a wealth of knowledge about trading in general. People typically don’t have that many posts under their belt without being full-time traders, do they? Are you a full time trader of another market? What market did you trade before the Forex? I traded Stock Options years ago. Are you trading the Forex live? Or, did you mean that you've been doing demo trading for a week? 8,000+ posts qualifies you for something, I'm sure.
  8. I just talk a lot....carry on...excuse the interruption. (I deleted my post and you can too if you wish)

  9. When I can, I'l try to reply with previous statements to facilitate quick responses to commonly asked questions. Thanks.

  10. Don't see any reason to delete, but I might now understand how the 8,000+ posts come into being. I guess I should not take the shear number of posts as an indication of one's trading background - as a general rule of thumb. I'm sure you can see why I thought the correlation of high posts count to depth of trading experience made sense at first glance.

    8 posts would make me a rookie, right?
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