Real Fear

Discussion in 'Trading' started by topguntrader, Oct 2, 2002.

  1. Everyone I spoke to who has anything left of their 401k and IRA was on the phone selling with the white house press conferance... Today was a real throw in the towel day.... Raise the white flag....

    On peoples minds:
    "Get me out of the market".. "I gotta eat if we go to war....
    If the troops go out its going to cost this country 1 billion a day.. Hell I paid my dues to the market. Time to worry about more important things in life.. Like surviving
  2. trade872


    for those of you traders that were trading during desert storm, why did we have a huge rally as soon as we went in? do you think it's possible again, or does it look much more drawn out this time???
  3. Gold_Ric


    That was different, the lies , cheats, scum and ceo fools didnt get hammered then
  4. Jeffo


    I didn't see any panic today. Put/call was pretty low, volume somewhat high but not panic level.