Real Estates Black Hole Miami Condos 2008 To 2010

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    true, but nirvana when compared against tampa/st pete (and, yes, i've lived there and speak from experience!).
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  2. Good points on your part also but Miami is like half the price of SF. And yea I do think prices will come in. However they've already broken here by about 20% and even if they break 30-40 in total it's not really a huge thing. Just like you guy's do. Up 100%, -40, up 100, -40......

    As folks retire and live forever Cal, Fla and even AZ and Vegas will stay firm relative to the old North. Someday Pacific Heights will be more expensive than the Upper East Side.

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  3. Nashville skyline is being transformed with new sky rise Condos. I Bought one last year in Pre construction and plan to flip it. Only had to put 5k upfront to Buy. With no obligation to close on it when it is completed next summer. Its already appreciated like 50k when the very last condos in pre construction sold out !!
    They are really pushing Urban Development and Living in downtown.
    Its a very exciting time in Nashville. And the economical infrastructure in this town can support the recent onslaught of condo development.

    The Signature Tower Condos will be completed in 2011 and it will be the tallest building in the South. Like over 1200 ft.
    It will tower over downtown Nashville and will be an unbelievable highly visible landmark.
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  4. Pabst, I agree with what you said about the Miami market. However, I have to disagree with the Orlando slur. I've lived in South Florida and now live in the Orlando area - actually Seminole County. Seminole is the wealthiest county in the state on a per capita basis. Not too many hillbillies around here - just expensive, gated communities. If you think Orlando is bad, you obviously haven't been there in a while - the construction downtown is really taking off. Your comments may have had some validity 35 years ago.
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  5. Just teasing! I love this state so much there's virtually no area that I'm not bullish. And yes up by you it's VERY nice.
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  6. If we're going to pick on an area in Florida, let's pick on Tampa - I hate driving over there. :)
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  7. yup good points
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  8. so you think real estate trouble is short term????

    reversion to the mean on this graph says otherwise
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  9. I used to live off Markham Woods rd. Nice area.
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  10. Forbes recently rated Tampa one of the worst cities for young professionals. I live in St. Pete and I couldn't agree more. It's downright miserable here.
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