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  1. Any other members of ET who live in markets where the RE prices and sales have stabilized and/or rising?

    In my local area (Washoe County, NV) prices have appeared to stabilize and sales have gone up 4 consecutive months in a row.

    Toll Bros, Horton, Lennar are all back in business around here. Lot's of crews and machinery are back at work.

    Feedback please.
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  3. I appreciate that. I do. Though I tend to shy away from some of those types of sites...because they're much too limited in terms of their zip code focus. Zip codes, at least in my area can reflect a WIDE disparity in the RE market.

    I'm really more interested in individual stories from individual neighborhoods.


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    Individual stories will be biased, people see what they want to see.
  5. Well not exactly.....For instants I know people in Midothlain TX....and I also know people in McKinney Tx. Your website averaged about 52 different zip codes in the Metroplex area as an amalgamated Dallas, TX. output.

    That really has no meaning for someone looking for individual neighborhood research.

    But thanks for the link.

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    Are you doing a book report for school or something??
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    Housing market is years from a turnaround, there might be pockets here and there with some demand but the overall picture is still grey, plents of ARMS to reset going into 2010 and foreclosures have yet to peak, until then housing still has a long ways to go before it finds any kind of bottom.
  8. All that may be true...however what it's like in your world? Better, worse, more inventory, less.. prices up/down?

    The informal survey says thanks.

  9. just saw on TV that parts of W Florida are seeing large sales increases, BUT, prices are still falling there like a stone. low prices are just sucking people back into the market.

    high priced areas such as Cal won't experience this phenomenon as it was expensive even before the bubble.
  10. Is that Tampa ....Pensacola ..what?

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