Real estate scion Elie Hirshfeld’s sons suing him for $50M

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    Real estate scion Elie Hirshfeld’s sons suing him for $50M
    By Emily Saul

    March 11, 2019 | 1:59pm

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    The cast-off kids of real estate scion Elie Hirshfeld are suing their dad for $50 million, claiming he’s refusing to hand over their rightful cut of the family’s fortune.

    The three sons, Benjamin, 21, Jonathan, 20, and Matthew, 19, claim in a new Manhattan Supreme court suit their father transferred interests from real estate properties, “directly or indirectly,” when they were young, prior to his nasty divorce with their mother Susan in 2009.

    Yet he’s now doing everything in his power to keep them away from the money, the papers claim of their dad, who is the son of the late Abe Hirschfeld, the colorful parking lot magnate who owned The Post for a chaotic 16 days in 1993.

    “Now, with Elie estranged from his three children, who have all recently reached the age of majority, Elie refuses to acknowledge plaintiffs’ interest in these properties or to account for the income these properties have been earning since these interests were irrevocably transferred to plaintiffs,” the court papers read.

    “Elie has hidden these interests from his children and continues to cover up these interests in an effort to defraud the plaintiffs. Indeed, a note by Elie contains the following ‘[o]nly liability is kids may sue me later.'”

    Hirschfeld, 69, has allegedly refused to provide the trio with any information whatsoever about their interests, related income, and who’s been managing the various residential and commercial properties, which are located across Manhattan and New Jersey.

    “Plaintiffs now have their voices and are determined to receive from their father what rightfully belongs to them,” the suit reads.

    The trio want various percentages of the real estate, plus access to a trust, in addition to the $50 million in damages.

    Elle Hirschfeld did not immediately return a request for comment.
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  2. Ah, good old inter-family money fight. The richer the family is, the bigger the fight.
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    Interesting. And they wonder why some parents cut their spawn out of their estates. The kids can just suck it!
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  4. I have mixed feelings about that sort of thing. It's a parents job and responsibility to turn their kids into decent human beings. If they're spoiled brats then they should have tried harder.