real estate is hot in california

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    Are you really this stupid? CA has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country and Sacramento is one of the highest cities in the country with % of homeowners underwater in equity exceeding 50%. Sure, the high end stuff on the coast is holding a bid as it always has. Most of those were cash purchases and they are not getting squeezed on their mortgage. Anything off the coast is getting killed.
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    Who cares! You can say that about parts of Manhattan and London. The high end of the market does not have the credit restraint that 99% of the country has. You can't use that part of the market as a gauge to how strong the overall market is. Come on Vhehn, you are smarter then this.
  4. You better buy now or be priced out forever!!!
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    We have a 10 year supply of inventory. No need to buy now.
  6. that is like buying FB at 40
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    I bet real estate is hot in Barstow.:cool:
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    Many parts of CA have low inventory and the under 500,000 market gets multiple offers.

    it is hard for investors because they are falling all over themselves and bidding up properties.

    When the stats come out in a few months, prices will be up 3 to 5 percent.

    Over 700 or 800 it gets softer because financing is tough.

    But, this has been happening in the spring... its just a little hotter now because rents have gone up and interest rates are low.

    The real question is, what will the fall be like.
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