Real Economy vs. Finance Economy…..Commodities vs. Fin. Assets

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Gold ratios to Oil and Dow provide for good real economic balances

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  1. To keep this short and to avoid tiring you I will get to the point.

    There is a huge gap (asset inflation) between the real and finance economy.

    Commodities such as Gold and oil in relationship with CDS, derivatives, MBS and others can give us the real state of the economy.


    Gold and major commodities can not be destroyed; they can be nominally appreciated or depreciated (in other words transferred).

    The relationship that exists between Gold/Oil and Gold/Dow speak for themselves.

    Right now both the Dow and Oil positions to Gold tell us that we are in a major economic crisis.

    Check it out yourself all over the web on “Gold Dow ratio” and “Gold Oil ratio”. YOU BE THE JUDGE.
  2. Correct me If I missed anything above.
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    Excellant points,j2005;
    note the name ''real estate''

    Silver [SLV] /other metals are on a nice uptrend,even though some could make a bearish case for it.

    $5.oo usd bills are cool,Abraham Lincoln on it.Speaking of commodoties,President BaraK said Abraham Lincoln noted he let them keep thier horses & guns to shoot crows.[Crows are corn thiefs]

    Generally agree with Mr Al Einstein about matter ''cannot be created or destroyed'', but practically, it [ or almost anything]could be contaminated, so it could become worse than destruction.

    Another good use for federal reserve notes[$5.00 usd bills...];
    if you like to read federal reserve notes, it is written ''legal tender for debts, public and private'' ''In God We Trust''

    Larry Bates,[TN banker] noted for years paper currency is ''...liability'' He likes selected metals, paid for real estate/farmland.............

    Reguarldless of oil ratios/ trends/spikes,nice points.

    One asked banker Larry Bates if you were FED head, Mr Ben Bernanke, what would you do????? Mr Larry asks -Mr Chairmam how much carnage do you want to preside over??? Slim to none?? Then stay the course & step it up a notch''