Real Big Mess up on the DCR ETF...

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by S2007S, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. S2007S


    With oil down and USO and UCR trading lower DCR should be higher by at least 2%, Instead its down over 2%...Someone messed up biggg time.

    Symbol Time Trade Change % Chg Volume Intraday Related Info
    DCR 3:56PM ET 62.43 1.29 2.02% 26,600 Chart, , More
    UCR 3:39PM ET 57.90 1.35 2.28% 63,300 Chart, , More
    USO 4:15PM ET 43.40 1.23 2.76% 9,097,000 Chart, , More
  2. I really don't understand why UCR and DCR don't trade with more volume. You would think they would be more active. They usually have HUGE spreads as well throughout the day.
  3. S2007S


    Usually new ETFs dont really get alot of interest. Some ETFs have been trading for years that still do no more than 500,000 shares a day.
  4. That should change in the coming months/years.
  5. I realize that new ETFs take a while to get going, but UCR and DCR are different. They don't actually own the underlying security, in this case OIL. They supposedly funnel funds back and forth between them based on the price of oil and supposedly the sum of the two should add up to 120 or thereabouts at all times. If this concept - derivative as ETF -catches on, they could apply it to all types of underlying securities or commodities.