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  1. I'm surprised Fox "News" doesn't run it daily.
  2. yeah man ! that's the greatest video ever !
    It doesn't show the dream, it shows the hope ! the hope that dream is moving :)
  3. That's the conundrum of tragicomedies.
  4. So its old and lame, the point is as relevant now as any time in the history of our nation. If u can/do not see the similarities between our present administration and Dr "J"izm, then your just being straight up dishonest IMO. And yes the previous adminstation played their part, just seemed far more reluctant than Obama to infringe upon our Liberty.

    No matter who is responsible, the federal govt is completely out of control, and digging us our own grave with their irrational spending. I mean that literally.
  5. the problem is that some people don't move until they are hurt... ( ohoho like in the market ).... and when they move they are already hurt :(

    It's so stupid...
  6. You can always relinquish your US citizenship, move to a tax haven offshore and jump off the shovel of the Grim Reaper.
  7. Hello makloda,

    Is there a national statistic tracking this number ? Do you know where to find it ?
  8. marine


    Actually this is not 100% correct. If you obtain it through birth or legally through naturalization (i.e. meet all requirements) then you can never truly relinquish your citizenship. The US Supreme Court has ruled on this specific issue so there is case law supporting it. Now if you obtained it illegally then there is no limit for the government to act to remove it.

    There are specific periods in the past because of US law that causes some discrepancies so lets assume from today forward.

    The US policy for dual citizenship is pretty much they don't care if you have N citizenships. You are either a US citizen or not in their eyes. If you are then they will hold you to all laws / taxes if you ever visit the US again.

  9. Many thanks Marine! Do you know the biggest number achieved by a Us citizen for the N number ?
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