Real Advice for Wannabe's

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by NeoRio1, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. You are not successful in the stock market. Throw away every single dvd and book you ever bought about the stock market and every shallow piece of advice on this website. Find some monthly and day trading charts. For a month and hopefully longer if you have the time around 3-4 hours a day examine day trading charts. Do not trade at all. Only look at price action. Examine all different types of stocks. Look for the most profitable opportunities and tell yourself you will make 1,2 even 3% a day. Write down every single idea. There you go, thats how you find success. It's called your own studies. Try it. If you can't make this type of commitment or do not have the mental focus then quit because your a waste of money in the market.
  2. 3% a day means that you can turn $10,000 account into $17,000,000 account in just one year. That tells me that you are as misguided as the poor folks that you are addressing here.
  3. 3% a day is a huge number that i doubt anyone can accomplish every day. BUT, if you revolve your studies on simply discovering the most profitable opportunities and advantages in the market for yourself then you will succeed. When i started studying the market i developed my strategies around making as much money as possible. Simple. If you strive for making as high of percents every day as you can through deep study of the market then you will be successful.
  4. Yes, okay. lmao.

    Keep telling yourself that.

    Good luck on those 365% to 1,095% consistent returns per year buddy.
  5. There is actually only around 240 trading days a year so 240%.