reagen funeral

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mrmoose, Jun 5, 2004.

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    does anyone know if they will close the market for it i seem to recall they did for Nixon. Does anyone know what day it will be?
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    President Ronald Reagan
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    sorry i cant spell. does anyone know what day we are getting off for the funeral yet?
  4. They should scatter his ashes on Grasso's head...
  5. Any updates as to whether or not the market will be closed?
  6. All I am hearing is a 2 minute trading halt Monday market opens at 9:32 am est
  7. National holiday this Friday.
  8. According to Bloomberg radio right now, a NYSE spokesperson said the exchange is still considering closing for Friday. No determination has been made but it is under active consideration. Traditionally it is the policy to close the exchange for the funeral for a president or, I presume, an ex-president.

    Also, Reagan was the first president to visit the exchange while in office.