Reagan's Shining City on a Hill vs Obama's Detroit

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  2. Why do they need to know how to read? Not like they're going to get a job or anything.

    If people lack the discipline to attend school, unlikely they'll show up for work. Secondly, if you have criminal convictions when you're in your teens, no one will hire you.


    Our country was built on immigrants many of whom couldn''t read or write............ so, what's the point?

    Newspapers are in decline, books are full of revisionists history, mainstream news media blows.

    Hey, as long as they can text, twit and face book. u r ok.
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    Gr8 pt.
  4. Mr .. t-M;
    Well speaking of Currant Chicago trends;
    believe it or not- Loser BEN Laden is DEAD,
    US gov{FEDgov }has NOW issued a ''Ronald Reagan FOREVER stamp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!''

    You cant make this up;
    its true.
    murray TT:D
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  6. Why not a Reagan stamp. He wasn't any more slimy than other contemporary presidents.
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