Reagan's declaration on FED before and after he was gun shot :D

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  1. Found here:

    Three US Presidents - Presidents Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley - were assassinated. Each directly opposed the bankers, like John F. Kennedy.

    Assassination attempts were made on President Andrew Jackson, who campaigned against today's banking system and won the election by a landslide.

    President Reagan threatened to replace Federal Reserve Bank chairman Paul Volcker. Reagan said: " that the Federal Reserve Bank was answerable to no one - not even the president..." Shortly after Reagan's comment he was shot.

    After Reagan recovered he publicly stated Federal Reserve Bank chairman Volcker was doing a "good job."
  2. So you're saying that Volcker had a contract out on Reagan? Does the job of Fed Chairman come with the name and tel # of a local hitman?
  3. Allan "the bull" Greenspanio.....

    Don't mess with the Family.....

    BTW, wasn't reagen shot because of Jodi Foster??? OH crap!..Don;t tell me she's a wise guy too!!:confused: :eek:
  4. I'm not saying anything I quoted the site :D. I admit he's is kind of joking but as for JFK's assassination possible cause it is much more serious for there exists an executive order 11110 which proves Kennedy's intention of replacing FED's notes by Government's notes. In fact there is more than an intention since the order has been really executed during the 5 left months of its presidency but as soon as he was assassinated all Kennedy's dollars have been recalled by its successor President Johnson. Nevertheless the executive order has never been abolished : like a threath and symbol of power against any future US President who would dare use it again.