Reaganite Ken Adelman Supports Obama

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  1. Ken Adelman is a lifelong conservative Republican. Campaigned for Goldwater, was hired by Rumsfeld at the Office of Economic Opportunity under Nixon, was assistant to Defense Secretary Rumsfeld under Ford, served as Reagan’s director of arms control, and joined the Defense Policy Board for Rumsfeld’s second go-round at the Pentagon, in 2001. Adelman’s friendship with Rumsfeld, Cheney, and their wives goes back to the sixties, and he introduced Cheney to Paul Wolfowitz at a Washington brunch the day Reagan was sworn in.

    In recent years, Adelman and his friends Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Wolfowitz fell out over his criticisms of the botching of the Iraq War. Still, he remains a bona-fide hawk (“not really a neo-con but a con-con”) who has never supported a Democrat for President in his life. Two weeks from now that’s going to change: Ken Adelman intends to vote for Barack Obama. He can hardly believe it himself.

    Second is judgment. The most important decision John McCain made in his long campaign was deciding on a running mate.

    That decision showed appalling lack of judgment. Not only is Sarah Palin not close to being acceptable in high office—I would not have hired her for even a mid-level post in the arms-control agency. But that selection contradicted McCain’s main two, and best two, themes for his campaign

    Country First, and experience counts. Neither can he credibly claim, post-Palin pick."

  2. Neo-conservatives subscribe to a whole ideology...
    "Normal conservatives" of course have coinciding arguments, goals and viewpoints on many issues, but the ideology-driven people really are not in sync with the more centrist populace. Obama seems quite moderate overall, which explains a lot of his appeal.
  3. Another Jew whose single interest in GOP politics was slavish zeal for Israel supports Obama. What a surprise....not.
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    i like both obama and mc cain, but have noticed that mc cain demonstrates some cognitive impairment during the debates...though disordered. he also comes across as lacking confidence in the presence of obama.

    sarah is cute and has star quality, but clearly is laughable as v.p. this has discredited mc cain.

    lastly, a leader needs to inspire confidence, and be able to quell emotions....some thing obama does well.

    mc cain seemed like a pipsqueek yelling accusations at obama "the terrorist"....reminded me of being in 3rd grade...and what is with him sticking his tongue out? maybe he really does not want the job and is trying to self sabatoge.:D :D

  5. Thanks for posting this!

    Maybe we will see 4-8 years of a more bi-partisan culture in this Country since I truly believe and hope I am correct, that if Obama wins which looks likely, he will have the sense to realize that he got votes from all parties and will strive to unify the Country and move it forward and out of the abyss of Bush-league's gross mismanagement, misfeasance and divisive policies; so that we again become the undisputed world leader and economic super-power in more than name only!

    Like GOOG's motto "do no evil" we need an adminstration that will put the USA back on the side of "right" not just might!
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    Ephesians 4:7-8
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