Reagan raised the debt ceiling 18 times

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  1. The amount of the debt has a lot to do with that and hypocrite republicans need to be reminded whos most responsible for the majority of the national debt
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  2. bone

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    When Obama took office he had the same two wars, the same prescription drug program, the stock market had already tanked four months prior, and two days before Obama took office there was a $450 B deficit with a CBO projection for $1.4 T in 2009 - those are CBO FACTS.

    Now look at where the debt is and where it is heading.
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  3. Obama taking office was like taking over the Titanic after it hit the iceberg and half the ship was underwater.
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  4. [​IMG]
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    I concede that point. But I would maintain that Hillary would have been much more capable and effective than Obama. Much.
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    Nah........... its more like Obama took over when we were a couple hundred yards away from hitting the ice berg, then his first plan was to load some dynamite into the hull, and get rid of every single life raft, he then put the boat up to full speed and changed the course so that the titanic would hit the iceberg perfectly head on,(he didnt want to take any chance that we made it through this) , now we are a yard off the iceberg with the debt ceiling talks, and Obama sitting with his lighter inhand, waiting to set off the dynamite, with a big shit eating grin on his face that stretches from one enormous ear to the other.
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    You know they say that if Titanic had hit the iceberg head on, it would not have opened up so many compartments and the ship likely would not have sunk. It was the grazing blow that killed her. ; )

    Anyway, I disagree. The recession was really a year old already, and the bailouts were approved. The stimulus, just about everyone including Bush thought it was necessary. I know we landed a big sale thanks to credit support a big customer got. That saved probably 400 jobs.

    Our troubles are a result of declining revenue (tax cuts, recession), and heightened spending (safety net, war) occurring at the same time. We've been here before.
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  8. For once we agree
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  9. I should remember the proverb: don't give pearls to swine.
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    Nothing could be worse.
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