Reagan raised the debt ceiling 18 times

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    Im Not from the US, But from my understanding you have to go back to wilson era to have a real spending debate between democrats and republicn presidents. Under Roosevelt era, Public Debt reach 110% the US GDP and nobody seems to say anything about that. Its seem to me that debt only matter when a Republican is the president. Also Both Reagan and Roosevelt had no other choice but to go on deep debt because both where resolve to win their respective wars (which they do). Also, under Bush presidency and with 2 wars the Public debt grew less than 15% in 8 years. But with Mr Obama the Public debt has grow over 30% in less than 4 years. Im not saying that Obama is a bad president or Bush was a good one. Im just saying that Reagan was right when he said that Government is not the solution of the problems. Government is the problem.

    Poiting fingers at this point in history is worthless.

    But maybe Im wrong and sorry for my english.

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  2. conservatives only bitch about the debt and deficits when a democrat is in office

    Conservatives had no problems when Reagan and Bush 1 quadrupled the national debt or when Bush Jr doubled the national debt and left a trillion dollar deficit

    When a democrat comes into office after Bush left a 1 trillion dollar deficit,2 wars , expanded medicare and government agencies like Homeland security to pay for and less revenue from Bush's tax cuts then conservatives start complaining about debts and deficits
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    Yeah you'r right. But as I said before, Pointing fingers at this moment is worthless. Nobody said nothing when Johnson created the two biggest monster in US History (Medicare and Medicaid)and put the US on the path of insolvency for ever.. And Nobody say nothing when Obama grew the public debt by 30% (or maybe more) until now.

    Reagan debt was nothing compared to what Roosevelt, Truman nd Johnson did. Even W Bush debt was a kid game compared to those debts under those presidents.

    The Problem with the americans is that most of them don't understan that their biggest enemy is not China or Europe or Brazil. They'r biggest Opponent is their Own Government. This crisis was created By the American Government and has been like that since Wilson created the Federal reserve.

    Its funny for me as a European to read that Obama is a socialist. Lol. Obama (like Bill Clinton) is a Right Wing moderate politician and I think he can be a great president if the republican cooperate.

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  4. You sound like a child. "Well republicans raised the debt ceiling X times...democrats should be able to raise X times as well."

    Please step back and understand that the Debt/GDP ratio (with the exception of the era right around the end of WW II) has never been this high. What are you using to justify putting future generations more in debt? At least the previous time that the Debt/GDP was this high freedom was on the line.
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    BINGO! that's what I've been trying to say!
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  7. You sound like a hypocrite.I'm wondering where was all the opposition from republicans when Reagan and Bush were quadrupling the national debt and Bush jr doubling it while they were raising the debt limit over 25 times :confused:
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  8. Pop quiz hot shot...what 3 presidents are responsible for the majority of the national debt ?
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  9. I agree with Messio007. It does not matter who created the debt! Whether fake conservatives like Reagan, Bush I or Bush II created the debt or whether liberals like Carter or Johnson or Clinton created the debt - IT DOES NOT MATTER!!!!

    Hmmm, apparently you do not understand the Debt/GDP information...I will try another method of imparting the knowledge to you...

    Understand it this previous terms of the presidency (you can name whomever you like here - Reagan, Johnson, one of the Bushes, whatever) the market for US Treasuries did not mind the debt burden of the government, because the "market" felt that the US government had the ability to pay its debts. Today, the "market" is questioning the US governments ability to pay off its debts. Now, only because we HAVE HAD reserve currency status has the US government been able to print money and pay off the US governments debts (quantitative easing, inflation, etc.) THE MARKET IS NOW TELLING THE US GOVERNMENT THAT IT WILL NOT ALLOW THIS ANYMORE - THE US GOVERNMENT MUST LOWER US GOVERNMENT DEBT.

    BTW - you continue to look like a child..."who raised the debt ceiling 25 times...blah, blah, blah" - it does NOT matter!
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    Obama has absolutely nothing in common with Reagan.

    In fact, Obama is to the left of Reid in this debate - which is why this has yet to be resolved.

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