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Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by michaelscott, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. I just received the email. Im registering for the Fall 2007 Wall Street boxing tournament which will be shown on CNBC.

    If you want to fight me and put your money where your mouth is, now is the time. Im ready to fight. Knocking out some of you dudes who let your mouth fly!!!

    Lets do this, send me a pm and I'll tell you how to register.
  2. Why not post your relevant stats here? Height, weight, reach, etc...
  3. ElCubano


    where will this be held?? i'd like to whoop some ass...

    height ...5' 11"
    weight...193 lbs far as i can throw my you best not run from me...

    fights.... close to 100...wins about 80 ( some shouldnt count for i had to lead out with a sucker punch which isnt fair but hey them the streets) ; losses about 15 and both parties just giving up about 5.....mind you they have all been street brawls all over the state of florida...which have included anything from brass knuckles to taking off me belt to use the buckle...and i have been knocked out from a skin head using spiked gloves to the back of my head as i ran from a group of them ; to getting beat up by 5 blacks dudes in the bball court...:D
  4. RXIS


    is there a website or anything about this?
    I did a search without any results.
  5. Bump for bad-ass Mike Scott's stats.
  6. MichaelScott: This is your thread, so post your stats. Why avoid the issue?
  7. Is there any prize money involved? What's the exact criteria for entry? I'm guessing they are giving out registration forms through selected firms. I highly doubt they will allow just anyone to enter.

    If someone pays me, I'll go break M.Scott's ribs.
  8. Put me down for a thousand, im sure you wont have a tough time finding enough people to pay you to speedbag michael scott.

    In fact lets change the topic of the thread to a pool for hydro to beat up michaelscott.

    so far we have 1000 any more takers??

    btw, it doesnt necessarily have to be in the ring, if you blackmask him crossing the street when he doesnt see it coming ill pay you double, in fact you could probably even turn that into pay-per-view, all you have to do is go own to the floor of the nyse, and start handing his posts out, it would draw a gigantic crowd in no time.:D :D
  9. Nah, I don't do that.

    It brings much more pleasure to do it in a ring, mano-a-mano.

    If there is a monetary prize, I'm gonna try to enter it anyway. I just can't find any info on this event.
  10. LOL perhaps this it the time i should say that I WAS JUST KIDDING..... all the psychos on this site with no money, someone might just go out and do it.
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