Ready for Larry Kudlow Today 8-28-07

Discussion in 'Trading' started by myminitrading, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. I bet he bring on Wayne Angel today, and he start his ranting once again for fed action NOW.

    All you here from him when the market is rising is how great free markets are, then when things start falling he scream for help.
  2. Yeah...will someone tell him that the markets ain't free!
  3. pkts



    Damn you.....he's....."Keeping America Great!" :)

    How the F*ck is that the show's tagline. Isn't it a tad pompous?

    I love it when he rambles on about how great free market systems are but then calls for a complete Fed bailout of subprime loans.
  4. When Larry says sell, you no it's time to buy, maybe the buy of a lifetime.
  5. Kudlow is right
  6. empee


    kudlow is right on america


    Larry Kudlow is about as right and well-liked as you are, kid...not very.
  8. inet


    In yesterday's Kudlow's show, he said cutting rate would make dollar strong.:D
  9. Unless Larry's talking about some aspect of Cocaine, I wouldn't bother listening to what he has to say.
  10. Div_Arb


    Better yet, he should bring on Criss Angel and start ranting about FED Freak 2007. Kudlow is delusional and ideallistic - i hate that guy. I would personally rather watch 12 hours of Bulls and Bears straight than have to watch 1 hour of Kudlow.

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