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  1. Let us be honest. I cannot think of anyone who changed the mood of the world in such short time and in such a profound manner than Obama did. So he deserves his prize. Let us also not forget that physical actions are not the aim, but rather the results are the aim. The ground is laid with good soil, the trees have been planted, the harvest will be apparent in the future, but it will be good for sure.

    He said US will pull out from Iraq: Good news for Americans, for Iraqis, for Arabs, and even for Iran that now can open up without feeling threatened.

    Obama's Nobel is a sad day for the enemies of Peace. If we say peace, it means there are enemies somewhere? So who are they, and why the world sides by Obama?

    The problems to be solved are Iran, and Palestine. The world says solve them by peaceful means.

    Netanyahu and his government (which contains criminals of war as charged in and evidence by the UN fact finding report) must be feeling extreme heat today. They clearly do not like Obama because he is just. Netanyahu was caught pushing for vilification attempts of Obama, and was given warnings according to newspapers in the middle east.

    Obama the african american, who knows the truth about Islam since childhood, who leads the western world with a christian majority, and whose advisers and administration is overwhelmingly represent by people from the Jewish faith is well positioned to solve the Palestinian problem. With his african background he is also well positioned to solve problems in Africa.

    He has it all!

    Zionists against peace are now naked. They dared to compare their situation to America in Iraq to justify their crimes. This card is gone for them, as well as many other cards they used to play.

    The world is essentially saying to zionists against peace in Palestine that your days are numbered, and the Obama prize is a gentle way to pass the message that we want you to stop your crimes against Palestinians, to stop your illegal expansion in Palestinian territory, and to get to seriously discuss peace honestly since all you were doing in the past are only games with no intention for peace. In other words, the world says everyone knows your games-- the hidden and the not hidden-- and we cannot stand it anymore. The only option after this, the world seems to say, is the stick. So you better eat carrots, and start thinking about dismantling those evil WMD you own, because otherwise the world would have to speak another language.

    And America's best days are ahead. Congratulations Mr. Obama!
  2. Whatcha you been drinking?
  3. Riskfreetrading I can only hope your solid insight, spot on analysis and eloquent style visits this forum more often. We need your words of hope my friend.

  4. So, if I understand your opinion correctly, Mr. Obama is the "One" because of a perceived throwing of Israel under the bus ?
    And this hoped for denial of a long standing, mutual allegience between the USA and Israel is the reason for new found "hope" in the USA and the world at large ?

    I would suggest that a better "hope" for "change" would be the rising of moderate, freedom protecting leaders in the Islamic sphere of influence, whose overriding concern should be for the advancement of their own people, not the destruction of a democratic and modern nation state.
  5. Dr. Robert Epstein

    Author, editor, radio talk-show host, and longtime psychology researcher
    Posted: October 9, 2009 03:13 PM

    This isn't what it seems. It's not really a Nobel Prize. It's a "Thank-God-You're-Not-Bush" Prize. We're witnessing what research psychologists call a "contrast" effect, occurring in a grand way in an unlikely place.

    Yes, many of us at home have mixed feelings about Obama because our economy is still sinking (although more slowly, of course!) and because our young men and women are still dying almost every day in Afghanistan and Iraq. But to people in other countries, such as some dowdy old folks sitting in a posh drawing room in Stockholm, Obama is the greatest thing since Saab introduced the heated driver's seat in 1972.

    Even though, unlike Nobel laureate Mother Teresa - who toiled helping the poor of India for 30 years before getting the prize - Obama hasn't actually accomplished anything yet, he is, following George Bush, a Great Relief to the World, especially the Bush-bashed world outside the U.S.

    The contrast effect is a real and powerful phenomenon that has fascinated psychologists for more than a century. The basic idea is simple: a prolonged experience with a stimulus that has strong negative or strong positive value distorts the way we view new stimuli of the same sort. If we've had prolonged experience with a strong positive stimulus, we'll tend to view new related stimuli negatively. And if we've had prolonged experience with a strong negative stimulus, we'll tend to view related new stimuli positively.

    This powerful phenomenon has been demonstrated in hundreds of laboratory experiments, and it's also easy to demonstrate in every day life. I'll demonstrate the effect sometimes in a psychology class by having a volunteer keep his or her left hand in a bucket of cold water and his or her right hand in a bucket of warm water for a few minutes. Then I'll have the student dip both hands into a third bucket, containing room-temperature water. The result is bizarre: the student's left hand feels the water as hot, while at the same time the student's right hand feels the very same water to be cold.

    When I was editor-in-chief of Psychology Today, one of the most popular articles we ran - "Why I Hate Beauty," by Hara Marano and publicist Michael Levine - was about how the contrast effect distorts our perception of beauty. Bombarded by images of gorgeous Hollywood stars and starlets and New York models, we often perceive the perfectly attractive people around us to be unattractive - a frustrating phenomenon that's brutal on our relationships.

    The contrast effect works in many domains, including the political. And yes, it can even cause intelligent, well meaning people to confuse bringing peace to people with giving inspirational speeches about bringing peace to people.

    It's not a Nobel Prize. But now that he has it, maybe he'll live up to it.

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    Epstein, meet Occam.
  7. Any person who doesn't know the difference between Norway and Sweden can't be all that bright.
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    He could be a genius, and suck at geography, who can say?

    The opening lines you snipped do show the slant, don't they? The use of the exclamation point after "of course" to suggest excessive optimism, and the use of "dowdy old folks" (redundant) to undermine the committee's authority, and possibly the use of "posh" to distance their circumstances from everyday working types like us.
  9. I can say. When you're performing a psychoanalysis of a group of people, you really don't need to be an expert on geography to figure out which freaking country their from. If you didn't catch it during the five hundred million times it's been mentioned in the news the last day (which suggests your not very attentive either), the least you could do is google it. I'm fairly certain all maps show Norway and Sweden as separate countries.
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    Well, if you're attacking just one person's arguments, you don't really need to be an expert to know the difference between "their" and "they're". Am I being trivial?
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