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Discussion in 'Trading' started by gongish, Apr 16, 2003.

  1. gongish


    does anyone have any quality suggestions for a book on tape reading?
    if youre a tape reader, can you suggest some starting ideas of what to look for?
  2. An old book by Rollo Tape called Reading the Tape is useful. In volume 1 of Barnard Baruch's autobiography, there are some passages that address tape reading.
  3. dbphoenix


    Look at Humphrey Neil's book. Also the site.
  4. ChrisRT


    In addition to the info you see on the RT site, our book is due out in a couple months. Called "Techniques of Tape Reading". Also, you might be able to contact the Trading Expo guys for audio copies of my seminar I did either in NY or in LA from the last two expos.

    As for "what to look for"'s all about the relationship of rates of change in price to rates of change in volume. Crowd behavior is fast, erratic, and spikey. Smart money is slow, unassuming, gradual.


  5. Makes you wonder how many tape readers are out there.

    It seems that in this world of computers and technical analysis most traders are computer trading experts. I wonder how many people trade base on reading the tape? :cool:
  6. dbphoenix


    It's about time :p

    Do you still have those video replays of the day's trades?

  7. ChrisRT


    I haven't done them in a month or edits of the book have kept me busy afterhours in addition to trying to keep a personal life. I'll probably restart them consistently again in August..for now..just some intermittent updates when I get off my duff and do one.


  8. gongish


    thankx for the leads.
    i was just thinking it might be a good idea to get back to 'basics'.
  9. Chris,

    Congrats on finally getting the book done...

    Give my best to Vadym and the rest of the crew...

    PEACE and good-trading,
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    Chris could you clarify a few things for me? i am somewhat familiar w/ you guys, been to your website, participated in you rtrading rooms, etc... my impression is you guys are more TA oriented... when i think of tape reading i think of reading specialist, determining big buyer/seller, identifying short sales, reading t&s and watching where the big prints go off, etc... is this what you guys do when you read tape or, as you rpost seemed to imply, do you "read tape" from a TA standpoint of volume and price. i would just want to know before i purchased any materials... TIA, and its nice to see you contributing here....
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