reading the idiots on et and elsewhere

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Is Reading ET and the rest of the Idiotnet a good or bad thing for your p&l

  1. Yes, useful, I benefit in many ways

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  2. No, brain rot, makes me want to puke

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  3. I'm one of the idiots

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  1. Useful or brain rot
  2. The UN Vote On The Palestinian State

    This thread tonight is a classic, funniest stuff I've read.
  3. I voted and got 100%.
  4. 08-16-11 11:15 AM

    On Tue, Aug 16, 2011 at 6:15 AM, Mach M wrote:

    Baron, do you want elitetrader to shut down forever? Can't you see the heavy support which Bearice has from members of elitetrader. Do you want revolt in elitetrader just because of that useless "Joe". Fire Joe immediately.

    I think "Magna" and moderator "zrtrader" of economics section also support me. Promote "Morganist" as administrator of elitetrader.

    There is worse than emergency situation in India. Read BBC and CNN. Do you want the same situation in elitetrader just because of Joe and 100 useless members who support porn and prostitution.

    Should I give you a phone call and shout at you? I am seriously angry and when I shout, buildings start shaking and people melt.

    Now activate my account "Bearice" immedaitely. This is my final warning to you.




    useful :D
  5. Just to be clear

    "Im one of the idiots" refers to YOURSELF
  6. Lucrum


    Oh we're clear on that point.
  7. very poor response from the etiots , as usual.
  8. Lucrum


    The one's you supposedly have on ignore?
  9. Hey Stock777!

    Thank you so much for this thread which has made me realize my own stupidity. Before this thread, I thought of myself as a smart man, I have a degree in economics, my trading accounts are profitable and my marriage is going well. My kids are well on their way to graduating from Ivy League schools and I just finished paying of my home mortgage. Thanks to your thread I've realized that I am just another idiot.

    Thank you!