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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by greenleaf, Jul 11, 2003.

  1. TGregg


    WTF kind of boring #@%%$@# POS ^%#@%^ thread that stupid $#&&@^! morons who like to #&@^^@ their momma's #@*&%^@ hang out at.


    On one hand, perhaps the atmosphere here at ET was better then. On the other, perhaps the mods were. On the third, perhaps the mods and the atmosphere and the users were better.

    But, the bridge ET crossed has been burned, blown-up and sold as salvage - there is no going back. And it would appear, there is no going forward either.
  2. Actually, the moderators back then were doing a better job...
  3. Its a package deal you get occasional good ideas with lots of noise, snake oil, spam, self promotion, sense of community and great soap opera from time to time( see the thread Dangerous and Sad situation). The amount of noise is also a function of market phase it is correlated to current bullish phase.
  4. I actually agree and noticed that in ET.

    This site is a great way to intuitively notice how other traders are feeling...